• Introducing the

    SeñorGIF Photobooth 

    an alternative way

    to party party!










    Life of the party!

    So what is it?

    Sleek, modern unit that makes & delivers animated GIFS instantly at your event!

    TheSeñorGIF Photobooth 

    can be set up virtually anywhere. With its small footprint, it's perfect for any venue, no matter the size!


    Instant & 

    interactive fun!

    real-time uploading

    and sharing

    Your guests input their phone numbers and have GIFS sent INSTANTLY to their phones via text message!


    View & Share!

    let's get social

    All your guests' GIFS are uploaded to a live online gallery, with sharing enabled for Twitter, Facebook, etc.


    They can also view & download all the GIFS from the event in the online gallery.





    The excitement is contagious!


    Ready to book the SeñorGIF PhotoBooth for your event?

  • Beautifully designed and easy for everyone to use.

    Literally one button...

    Touch SeñorGIF & it captures a series of images quickly, stitches them together, plays them back, and gives options for sending

    or to play again.

    "Touch Me"

    The custom constructed light and vintage inspired stand make it irresistible to NOT touch.

    Like moths to a flame...

    Share on Facebook and Twitter

    with custom hashtags!


  • Included features:

    • unlimited animated GIFS instantly uploaded to online gallery at your event 
    • unlimited sharing via text message with your guests at your event
    • custom SMS message with each texted gif (you provide us the rhymes, we provide the beats)
    • custom hashtag for your event provided by you #youcanhavewhateveryoulike

    Ready to book the SeñorGIF PhotoBooth for your wedding reception?





    Let's get LOCO!

  • Contact Us

    We have GIFS to make together.

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
    by Appointment
    +1 305 360 9670
  • FAQ

    If you have more questions, we have more answers.

    Will there be an attendant?

    SeñorGIF has an attendant to ensure everything runs smoothly and help guests with any questions!

    How long does it take to set up?

    Less than 5 minutes. It's a piece of cake.

    Does it print?

    No. But that's okay. SeñorGIF texts your animated photo DIRECTLY to the mobile number you enter. So it's way better than a print (when's the last time you kept a photo in your wallet??)! You'll have it with you on your phone at all times and can easily share it with friends!

    Do you have props?

    Nah. We've found that people tend to have more fun when not preoccupied with choosing which silly hat to wear. SeñorGIF keeps your guests inventive all on their own & you'll laugh later when you see what they come up with!

    Can I add more hours after I book?

    Yes! We're even cool with you adding hours on the fly at your event!

    How much space do you need?

    Not much! One square metre is enough! SeñorGIF is lightweight and easily moveable; we can even move the booth to different locations at your event.

    Can we download all of SeñorGIF 's GIFS?

    Your bet. After your event we'll send you a digital copy of all the GIFS to download and keep. You can share with all your guests too!

    How far out can we book?

    We recommend booking asap! Most people book three months in advance, but we're here for you anytime you're ready to say Hola! (We do need 5 days advance notice for last-minute bookings.)

  • Make your event totally fun and memorable.

    Book SeñorGIF online today for your event!